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What is Brand Strategy?

In essence, a business strategy is an organizational master plan. This plan is what the management of a company develops and implements to achieve their strategic goals. Essentially, a business plan is a long-term sketch of the desired strategic destination for a company.
This long-term sketch will contain an outline of the strategic, as well as tactical decisions a company must take to reach its overall objectives. This business strategy will then act as a central framework for management.

Key components of a business strategy

  • Vision and objectives
  • Core values
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Tactics and operational delivery
  • Resources and resource allocation
  • Measurement and analysis
Necessity of business strategy

Why is business strategy important?

Virtually every business leader has some form of vision for their organization. Generally, in the early days, such as a start-up environment, this can be very fluid. However, as time goes by and business grow, or get busier the “business strategy” may become less defined. When a strategy is not well defined, a business may start to struggle, with personnel change the core of a business and its values can often become less defined. This can, in some cases lead organizations to become victims of their own success, they may be achieving short-term results, but this could be at the expense of their long-term viability.

How to build a business strategy?

  • Defining your vision
  • Setting your objectives
  • Analyzing your business and your marketplace
  • Defining your competitive advantage
  • Building a framework
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